Project BULLRUN 0

Project BULLRUN is a classified program created by the NSA and was first revealed to the general public in 2013.
Here is what we know about Project BULLRUN based on the released documents:

  • Funding for BULLRUN has cost in excess of $800 million. In 2013 alone, it cost $254.9 million
  • BULLRUN is not a control system or compartment, but rather a Community of Interest (CoI)
  • One of the purposes of BULLRUN is to defeat the encryption used in multiple network communication technologies
  • Another purpose is the ability to “Insert vulnerabilities into commercial encryption systems, IT systems, networks, and endpoint communications devices used by targets” according to released documents
  • BULLRUN has been said to be able to break HTTPS, VPN’s, VOIP, TLS/SSL and SSH
  • BULLRUN is a label used to mark related material and data in the classification line i.e TOP SECRET//SI//NOFORN/BULLRUNO
  • A few more purposes of BULLRUN are to influence and weaken encryption standards, insert back doors in to software and hardware prior to shipment