Front Page Stocks Spammer: Henry Zemla

I’ve noticed that there has been quite a bit of increase in unsolicited email from Front Page Stocks (administered by Henry “Hank” Zemla)  that are fortunately being flagged as spam. Now, since the emails are being marked as spam, and rightfully so, I don’t see them in my inbox on my desktop, but that nagging indicator in the spam folder of a new email is quite annoying.  Unfortunately, my cell phone email app does not flag the message as spam, so I have to wade through all of their emails to find the items I want to actually read.  After having to contend with this for a few months, I thought to myself, let’s have some fun eh?

front page stocks spam
A sample of the types of emails I receive

At the bottom of each email, is the notification that I received the email because I registered for an account. I’m also given the option of no longer receiving the newsletter, or I can change  my email settings.

spam email footer
example of a spam footer

Let’s take a little side journey at this point, and look at the domain and see what we can learn about it.

Using to gather information, we can see that Henry Zemla is the registered owner of

henry zemla spammer
Spammer: Henry Zemla

Here, we can see that Henry Zemla  has listed his address as:
38901 East Archer Drive
Harrison Township, Michigan

The phone number on record is:
+1 (586) 801-9002

The email address on record is:

The Organization name is:

Now, one thing that jumps out at me, and I found this odd, is that Henry Zemla didn’t use the option to privatize his WHOIS information when he purchased the domain.  If he had, I wouldn’t know his name, address, phone number, email, or company name.  I’m not sure if this was just an oversight on Henry’s part, or if he was required to be held accountable publicly due to his former arrest and incarceration.


Yeah, it looks like Henry Zemla had some troubles with the law awhile back and was sentenced to 3 months due for “charges involving conspiracy to commit Securities Fraud and Electronic Mail Fraud

In case the links break, here is a screenshot of the DoJ notice:

henry zemla spammer busted
Henry Zemla legal troubles

Henry Zemla DoJ (PDF)

Here is a screenshot of the sentencing:

spammer henry zelma gets 3 months
Henry Zelma sentenced for 3 months

Henry Zelma 3 months (PDF)

So, it seems that ol’ Hank hasn’t quite learned his lesson, as he’s still participating in the old “pump and dump” scheme of penny stocks.  We will look at that mechanism in another post, as this one is geared for creating the groundwork on Henry “Hank” Zelma and his business practices.

By using the email address on record for, I was initially able to locate and additional 126 domains registered by ol’ Hank.  Most of them are not being used yet, with just a simple parked page at the address, while others, such as the sites with the domain .city, aren’t resolving at all.  A few of them do show some life of at least a base system has been installed, prompting for a username/password combo to gain access.  And finally, there are 3 or 4 that have had some significant work put into them, and particularly one of them that jumps out at me as being a warez site that looks to be mirrored on multiple domains.  Either Hank has been hacked, or at the very least, broadening his horizons.

Stay tuned for part 2.


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